Sportspeople :: Bringing job seekers and employers together.

Sportspeople : Bringing job seekers and employers together.
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HR Services - More than just a recruitment agency 

Sportspeople offers a number of HR Services designed to assist employers manage their valuable staff resource.

Online tools for employers recruiting new staff or staff assessment

Sportspeople is pleased to announce a new partnership with Revelian providing a suite of simple to use online tools for employers when recruiting new staff or assessing current staff. This service is DIY via the Sportspeople-Revelian portal and provides special discounts to employers.

Hiring people is a substantial and often risky investment for any business. And when candidates really want the job, they’ll often tell you what you want to hear. Resumes, interviews and reference checks will only ever give you part of the picture.

Revelian assessments give you real insight into whether a candidate is truly likely to succeed and help your business grow, using proven methods of predicting performance at work. Regardless of your industry or the type of role, Revelian assessments will tell you what’s ‘under the hood’ by giving you objective and accurate insights into each of your candidates.

Employers are now able to access Revelian’s most popular recruitment and development assessments to use when and how you need them. This includes:

  • Aptitude assessments - Cognitive Ability Test and separate ability tests that focus on one aspect of ability such as verbal, numerical or abstract reasoning.
  • Culture & Engagement Assessments - Cultural Fit and Role Fit.
  • Work Safety Assessment - to help you identify people who are more likely to behave safely at work and avoid risky behaviour.
  • Reliability Scale - to assist in identifying whether a candidate is likely to be trustworthy and reliable.
  • Game based Assessment including “Cognify” - a set of 5-7 mini-games or puzzles that measure problem solving, numerical reasoning, processing speed and verbal knowledge and “Theme Park Hero” - an engaging and interactive way to understand a candidate’s mental agility, cognitive speed, spatial aptitude, attention and numerical reasoning.
  • Personality & Emotional Intelligence.
  • Skills Assessment.

To get started you simply need to Register here - Once registered and set up with a password, you’ll be able to view pricing and assessment information, learn more about the full suite of assessments and get going. Prices start as low as $35 (Skills Tests) through to $135 for the popular Behavioural Profile assessment.

So, if you want to avoid the stress of a wrong hire or help develop your staff, what are you waiting for?   

Benchmarking - Need to know how much a job is worth in today's market?

Employers commonly use benchmarking as part of their general staff performance management system. Sportspeople regularly provides benchmarking to assist employers undertaking staff performance appraisals and in circumstances where a new appointment is being considered.

Sportspeople has accumulated a significant amount of data relating to remuneration practices in the sport, fitness, aquatic, coaching, venues, events, leisure and lifestyle sector. This information has been compiled through Sportspeople's recruitment work since 1996, our research (Sportspeople Jobs Index and Sportspeople Workplace Survey) and as part of our ongoing remuneration benchmarking services.

In the last year Sportspeople was commissioned to benchmark over 100 different positions in the sport, fitness, aquatic, coaching, venues, events, leisure and lifestyle sector. 

Organisation and High Performance Reviews - Want a 'world class' structure?

Sportspeople has brought together a world class team providing a dedicated Organisational + High Performance Review service. Specifically, these specialists have expertise and experience in the following areas:

Sporting Organisation Reviews - A specialist team works with our client organisations to:

  • Develop ‘world leading’ structures and innovative delivery models for sporting organisations.
  • Examine the extent to which current organisational structures and activities facilitate the effective achievement of the organisation's objectives.
  • Review the current organisational staffing structure, roles, responsibilities and operational effectiveness, with the aim of identifying what staffing structure is required to optimise organisational outcomes.
  • Examine current levels of organisational investment against desired outcomes.
  • Provide advice and direction relating to the optimal governance and operating structure of the organisation, to best facilitate the achievement of current and / or future organisational objectives, in a creative, efficient and cost effective manner.
  • Assist organisations to effectively and cost effectively implement agreed recommendations.

Review activities include, but are not limited to the:
 - Review of governance structures and their effectiveness.
 - Review of operating structures and their effectiveness.
 - Review of organisational planning approaches and their effectiveness.
 - Review of financial and investment models and their effectiveness.

High Performance System Reviews - A specialist team works with our client organisations to:

  • Develop ‘world leading’ structures and innovative delivery models for NSO high performance systems.
  • Identify the most appropriate high performance system structure to drive sustainable international success.
  • Establish an innovative National athlete and coach development system maximising existing resources and utilising best practice methodology and modern technology.
  • Review the current high performance system staffing, roles, responsibilities and operational effectiveness with the aim of identifying what staffing structure is required to optimise high performance outcomes across the National system.
  • Examine current levels of investment in high performance against desired outcomes, and specifically the financial contributions of each of the network partners e.g. NSO, SIS/SAS and SSO’s, in respect of determining appropriate performance based funding models for the network.
  • Utilise findings and recommendations from the review, to develop a fully costed high performance plan that drives sustainable international success, and
  • Establish an appropriate implementation and monitoring framework that drives the delivery and on-going evaluation of all NSO high performance activities.

If you'd like to know more about how Sportspeople can assist you with benchmarking, organisation reviews or performance appraisals, please contact us as follows:

FREECALL 1800 634 388 (if calling from within Australia)
FREECALL 0800 634 388 (if calling from within New Zealand)

Telephone: (02) 9555 5000   +61 2 9555 5000

Facsimile: (02) 9555 7612   +61 2 9555 7612
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