Sportspeople :: Bringing job seekers and employers together.

Sportspeople : Bringing job seekers and employers together.
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What our advertisers say... 

Here is a selection of e-mails we have received from our advertisers over the last few years...

"I have been very impressed with the calibre of  applicants I have received through  Initially it took a few days for the applications to start coming in, however the quality of applicants has meant that we have had better suited candidates and been able to complete our selection process in a much more efficient way, than using generic job boards in the past. I feel that the service has been excellent value, as I have even able to appoint several new staff members from the one ad and it has saved me a lot of time searching through and screening non suitable applicants. The online registration process was quick and easy, and the invoicing system was a nice change from the usual no service model which is so prevalent on the net these days. Thank you for your great service, I will definitely be using it again."

"Please take our ad off your site, as I have now filled the position. Awesome response from the ad, so I will definitely use you guys again next time."

"Can you remove the ad we have running for a Sales Manager as the role has now been filled. The quality of applicants from Sportspeople was excellent and that is where the successful applicant came from. (we also advertised in Seek and My Career, but Sportspeople got the quality applicants for us.)"

"The job advert was an outstanding success. I had over 20 applications/enquiries. I am about to appoint someone probably tomorrow. Also the quality of the applicants was very high and it proved a hard choice from the 3 people I am seeing. Thanks a million."

'We advertised for a Sports Administration Manager on Sportspeople in August. We did not advertise anywhere else. We received may high quality applications and are pleased to announce we have made an appointment!"

"We have filled our position. The response from Sportspeople was great and I will definitely use you guys again."

"We got a record response from the ad and filled it today."

"We have been inundated with responses. It has well and truly exceeded my expectations."

"We have been successful in finding an excellent coach to fill the position of Head Junior Coach. Thank you so much for all the assistance."

"With regards to the advertisements for the swimming pool roles we were knocked over by the volume and quality of applicants for the two vacancies. On review of this process I am pleased to advise that some 80% indicated that they had seen the role advertised on the Sportspeople website! In fact all the applications for the Aquatics Director role were the result of our web adverts which makes me wonder whether we would ever use a paid newspaper advertising medium ever again?"

What our candidates say...

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for the role you played in my recent appointment. Living in America for the past 24 years I never thought I would have the chance to come home. Without your website I would not have known about the position and what is my Dream job. Thank you so much."

"I've been keeping an eye on sportspeople for about 5 years even whilst I've been overseas (3 years), and I have finally landed myself an ideal position thanks to you guys! I was checking your site late one night as I often do and noticed a great job that actually closed applications that same day. I thought I was lucky to have seen the advertisement in time and actually had the job 2 days later! It's good to know persistence and patience pays off and it's also good to know that sportspeople are on the web!"

"I am a current university student studying sports science and I believe your company is a great resource for many students and graduates such as myself. I would like to congratulate your company on its successes and hope it continues for many years to come. Keep up the good work!!"

"I just wanted to let you know I have a new job as an all rounder and events co-ordinator. I had called you about this job and you gave me some questions to ask in my interview which I did. I am in my fourth week here and so far so good. I am interested in the work and love football. So thank you for all the help and advice you gave me, it also gave the confidence to ask questions and stand up for myself."

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for all the help and support you gave me through the recruitment process. I am now very keen to get started in my new role."

"Thanks for the advice, happy to tell you it must have worked because I start on Monday in my new role. I made the mental note to smile more in the interview and followed up my interview with an email saying thanks and how much I looked forward to the prospect of joining them. It's amazing how a different prospective and reinforcing of ones confidence by an outsider (and I use the term complimentarily) helps."

"Not sure if it’s really up to the employer to contact you and let you know who got that job but just wanted to let you know that I did, I saw it on the website, applied and managed to get it. Main thing is that I think the website is fantastic and I think its great to show people studying or trying to get into the industry that users of this website can get these types of jobs its tough but it does happen."

What our recruitment clients say...

"Sportspeople have done it again! It was a great day of interviews - 5 exceptional candidates! Thanks again for a great shortlist, looking forward to working with you on our upcoming roles!"

"I wish to thank you for the competent and most professional way that you handled this project for us. Should you ever require it in the future, I would be very pleased to convey to others of our complete satisfaction, in every way, of our contract with Sportspeople."

"I have found Sportspeople to be extremely efficient and effective in getting this project completed. I appreciate your timely attention to finding us suitable candidates. It was one less headache I had to worry about in preparing the centre for opening."

"We are happy with the performance of your company including the fact that the process was able to proceed almost exactly in accordance with the original schedule. This has meant that we have been able to make the appointment, tie up all loose ends and feel like there is good momentum in place for the period between now and the start date."

"Thanks again for your prompt, professional and personal services. It is worth noting that the top 6 out of 7 candidates that we interviewed were high quality applicants who were referred by your firm. We are grateful for your efforts in that regard. It was my pleasure to deal with you."

"I thank you for your support and professionalism in which you were able to secure highly suitable staff, and look forward to any opportunity to work with you and your team again should such opportunity arise."

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