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Restoring Optimal Function: Hip, Knee & Ankle Workshop

Active Anatomy

  • Sydney New South Wales Australia
  • 6 hours
Closing 17 Nov 2018


This practical workshop is ideal for health professionals who are looking to tailor personalised programs for their 1-on-1 clients to restore optimal function in the HIP, KNEE and ANKLE region.

We will look at the functional anatomy of these three areas and their relationship to each other. The common injuries, dysfunctions, and compensatory patterns that you are likely to see in your clients will be reviewed, as well as how to avoid these injuries through stretches and strength exercises.

Not only will you learn that the lower limb is reliant on the function of the core and pelvis, you will also discover:

  • How to identify areas of weakness and tightness through static lower limb analysis and dynamic functional assessment.
  • How to avoid anterior hip impingement through targeting the strength of the deep hip external rotator muscles.
  • Optimal knee rehabilitation following ACL or meniscal injury
  • Prevention of patello-femoral pain through progressive strengthening of the VMO muscle.
  • Progressive proprioceptive exercises for prevention and rehabilitation of ligamentous sprains in the ankle.
  • Intrinsic foot strengthening for balance, control of pronation and prevention of loss of the longitudinal arch.


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Restoring Optimal Function: Hip, Knee & Ankle Workshop Active Anatomy

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