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The Membership Coordinator is responsible for the organisation and implementation of Hockey ACT’s outdoor, indoor and social competitions. This involves the management of the Hockey ACT’s online database which is currently managed through Revolutionise Sport. The creation and implementation of draws for all Hockey ACT run competitions. This position is a key link to several committee’s and will work closely with the Junior Competition Advisory Committee (JCAC), the Senior Competition Advisory Committee (SCAC), Indoor Competition Advisory Committee (ICAC) and Umpiring and Technical Committee (UTC) to ensure ongoing development and review of all competitions and processes that effect those competitions.

Another role of the Membership Coordinator is to provide member clubs with ongoing assistance with matters related to governance and to oversee club health checks to enable clubs to continue to grow and strengthen to ensure their ongoing sustainability into the future.

Key Responsibilities:

  1.  The organisation and implementation of Hockey ACT’s outdoor, indoor and social competitions.
  2.  Management of Hockey ACT’s membership database system currently operated through Revolutionise Sport.
  3.  Provide guidance and support to member clubs with club governance and sustainability.
  4.  Oversee the implementation and reporting of member clubs annual health check surveys.
  5.  Competition scheduling, planning and development for all Hockey ACT run competitions.
  6.  In conjunction with Hockey ACT competition committees oversee strategy and implement improvements for all competitions.
  7.  Liaising with the Umpiring and Technical Committee (UTC) to ensure ongoing support and development for umpires within the ACT. Working with the UTC to implement strategies to recruit new and retain existing umpires to help increase the quality and quantity of umpires in the ACT.

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Employer and Other Details

Hockey ACT (HACT) is the not-for-profit state sporting organisation responsible for the development, governance, promotion and delivery of hockey programs within the ACT. HACT comprises of 22 member clubs and owns and operates two facilities The National Hockey Centre at Lyneham and Tuggeranong Hockey Park, Greenway.

Our Purpose

To enable the delivery, growth and sustainability of Hockey in the ACT.

Our Objectives

In promoting our sport across all aspects of Hockey we aim to:

  • Provide quality participation and competition opportunities for the ACT community
  • Ensure our products are accessible and affordable
  • Build the capacity and capability of our clubs to deliver quality services and products
  • Ensure financial sustainability and responsibility
  • Set measurable success indicators across all our activities
  • Instil our values and culture across the whole sport

Our Culture and Values

The principles that will guide how we will all operate and conduct ourselves include:

  • Strong decisive leadership in setting the course for our sport
  • Integrity, transparency and honesty in all our dealings
  • Promoting a supportive, inclusive and diverse environment
  • Excellence in all we do, both on and off the field
  • Innovation and future focus
  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility and sound management at all levels
  • Promoting a sense of shared responsibility and unity of purpose

We will ensure our values and culture permeate throughout the sport and our clubs.

Apply for this role

Applicants are asked to provide the following:

  • A letter of introduction addressing your relevant experience to the Key Responsibilities.
  • Curriculum Vitae.

Applications should be emailed to

Meredith Bone

(02) 6189 0570

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Membership Coordinator Hockey ACT

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