Head of Rowing

Caulfield Grammar School

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  • Melbourne Victoria Australia
  • Full Time
1 Jul 2022
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Caulfield Grammar School has a proud history in Rowing.

With a strong vision for the future of CGS Rowing, focussing on participation, enjoyment and performance, we are looking to appoint a Head of Rowing to lead a progressive program and drive excellence throughout all phases of Rowing.

The Head of Rowing will support the Rowing Team and Rowing Coaches in providing opportunities for all students, maximising skill development, fitness, teamwork, and preparation for regattas whilst ensuring that CGS policies, guidelines and values are delivered within the Rowing program.

This Permanent Full-time opportunity will be based at our Caulfield Grammar Rowing Campus (Albert Park Boat Shed/Yarra River Boat Shed).  

We are looking for candidates who have:

  • Ability to manage all aspects of the CGS rowing program - previous experience in a similar environment
  • Offer a strong technical base and a willingness to educate others
  • Strong time management - attending training session/ camps/regattas and a willingness to complete any administrative tasks in a timely manner
  • Hold appropriate compliance and coaching accreditation
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with students, parents, other coaches and school staff

For further information please see attached position descriptions. 

Please submit your application by 1st July, 2022. Applications will be reviewed and screened upon submission. 



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