ASCA Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach Accreditation Course

Australian Strength and Conditioning Association

  • Multiple Locations Australia
  • 32 Hour face-to-face theory & practical course + assessment
  • Multiple Dates


The ASCA Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach Accreditation Course (ASCA Level 2 Course):

  • Is an ASCA and NSCA accredited course.
  • Is aimed graduates of the ASCA Level 1 Course, intermediate S&C coaches, post graduates from sports science and related courses, prospective semi-professional and professional S&C specialists at Senior Levels.
  • Provides participants with an advanced level of knowledge and skills to plan, conduct and design S&C programs to physically prepare advanced level athletes to improve performance across a wide range of sports.
  • Consists of 32 hours, across 4 days, of face-to-face theory & practical plus additional theory & practical pre-and-post-course assessment.
  • Participants must be >18yrs of age.

Course Objectives

  • Plan and implement the integrated training year, monitor training and include seasonal periodisation, incorporating stages and physical competencies for long term athlete development, for a variety of sub-elite and semi-professional sports.
  • Determine and apply an advanced level of coaching skills applicable to an S&C Coach.
  • Implement performance tests and test batteries for different sports and different levels of athletes.
  • Interpret results and adjust training accordingly.
  • Outline the concept of general, special and specific training methods with regards to strength development.
  • Design and implement a resistance training program to improve sports performance in sub-elite and semi-professional athletes/teams.
  • Outline the concept of general, special and specific training methods with regards to speed development.
  • Apply training methods to increase reaction, agility, acceleration, speed endurance and maximum velocity.
  • Define and apply energy system conditioning programs required for sports performance across a wide range of sports.
  • Plan and implement necessary training strategies to improve energy systems using a wide range of modalities.
  • Comprehend the physiology of stretching and factors that limit flexibility.
  • Design and apply a flexibility training program that will improve athlete performance and reduce the incidence of injury.  
  • Define the processes of warm-up and cool-downs in athletic performance outcomes.
  • Implement a variety of recovery methods that aim to decrease fatigue and avoid over-training, whilst increasing or maintaining athletic performance in their athletes.
  • Outline scope of practice for S&C Coaches in relation to nutritional advice.
  • Summarise the SDA and AIS recommendations for enhancing sports performance built upon basic health guidelines.
  • Define AIS supplement recommendations.

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