Sportspeople :: Bringing job seekers and employers together.

Sportspeople : Bringing job seekers and employers together.
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Established in 1996, Sportspeople was the first agency in Australia to offer a specialised sport recruitment service. Today Sportspeople remains a highly specialised agency offering a range of recruitment services to the broader sport, fitness and aquatics sector throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

  • Based on the number of appointments made, the breadth of the roles recruited and the range of organisations we directly assist, Sportspeople maintains its position as the No.1 recruiter for the sport, fitness and aquatic sector in the Australia-New Zealand market.
  • Our international Job Seeker network and our 21 year history of recruiting across Australia-New Zealand, along with our dedicated global recruitment partners in Paris, New York and Shanghai ensure we find the best talent including those presently working in and outside the sport, fitness and aquatic sector.
  • Our recruitment packages are tailored to suit the specific needs of our client including executive search, express and a DIY option via our highly acclaimed online recruitment platform. 

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If you'd like to know more about Sportspeople and how we can assist you as an employer or a job seeker, please contact us as follows:

FREECALL 1800 634 388 (if calling from within Australia)
FREECALL 0800 634 388 (if calling from within New Zealand)
Telephone: (02) 9555 5000 +61 2 9555 5000
Facsimile: (02) 9555 7612 +61 2 9555 7612




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